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Auto Lease Return

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Most people incur additional costs for damage they didn’t know they had, when they return their lease vehicle. Don’t risk an unexpected bill. Dent Poppers lease return inspection will empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions for your lease return.

Here at Dent Poppers, we offer an independent inspection for lease returns and advice which will help you navigate the obstacles of returning a leased vehicle. 

Our Lease Return inspection includes:

  • We will inspect your vehicle which takes about 20-30 minutes
  • Written report with photographs 
  • Video record
  • Cost of repairs estimate if required.

Dents, Dings, and Details

At Dent Poppers we are all about helping you avoid additional expenses when you turn in your leased vehicle. Excess wear can mean additional charges to you upon returning your lease if repairs are not made.

We will help you understand the difference between normal and excess wear. 

Note: Not all damage needs to be repaired.  Some damage is acceptable under “Normal wear and tear. “

Be cautious of having sub-standard repair work done to your lease because you may have to have it repaired again.

Many lease drivers make the mistake of just focusing on the obvious repairs and miss the repairs otherwise found by the lease company.

Exterior: Dents, chips, scratches, corrosion, poor repair, moldings tires and allow wheel damage- sometimes the recharge on a damaged alloy wheel is usually the same or less than the cost of the repair.

Interior: Stains, burn holes, cuts, tears, headliner, and yes smoke.

Glass: windshield, front/rear headlamps, side mirrors

Accessories: Additional key

Aftermarket Parts/modifications: Any modification to your lease is considered excess wear: factory paint color changes, lettering graphics, customizing, engraved glass, tinted windows, sprayed-on bed liners.

Additional Considerations

Before your vehicle is due back to the leasing company consider the following:

  • Understand your Agreement: Your contract at signing should have what the required standards are for your lease return. 
  • Have an inspection done 4 weeks before your vehicle needs to be returned. If any repairs are required, this will give you adequate time to have repairs done properly.

Lease Return FAQs

An inspection is required to confirm if you have excessive wear or normal wear. Call Dent Poppers today and schedule an appointment.

This needs to be determined at the inspection. We will measure the tread depth on each tire and determine if tire replacement is necessary.  Sidewall damage and gauges affecting safety will require tire replacement.

No. Excess mileage is what you drove over the number of miles allotted in your contract agreement for your leased vehicle. The charge amount for excess mileage is in your lease contract. At the time of the lease, you may have purchased additional mileage upfront. This is something that can be found in your lease contract.

Keeping maintenance records is not going to hurt. It is not required but could be helpful if any questions should arise when you turn in your lease.

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